4U M2TS Converter Technical Support

If you have any problems with 4U M2TS Converter you can contact our tech support by emailing

[email protected]nverter.net

Please, make sure you tell us as much information as you can about the problem you are experiencing, including any error or warning messages that may have been displayed.

Inform us about the following:

  • Version of 4U M2TS Converter (from About dialog)
  • Where did you get M2TS Converter (http or ftp site)
  • Windows version, US or international, OEM or not
  • Description of your problem (as much information as possible to retrieve the problem)

We’ll try to help you as fast as possible, usually in one or two business days.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the next releases of 4U M2TS Converter, please feel free to post them to us.

Lost Registration Key

If you are a registered user and you have lost your registration key please let us know by emailing [email protected]

If your email address has changed since you ordered 4U M2TS Converter you will need to email our technical support. Please include:

  • Your name
  • The email address you used when you bought 4U M2TS Converter
  • Your order number or the phone number and address you used when you bought 4U M2TS Converter (for verification)


Keeping up to date

To make sure you are using the latest version of the software you should do the following.

1) Check the version number of the version you are currently using. The full version number is in a format like ver1.0.1 and can be found on the About screen available from the Help Menu.

2) Users should then visit https://m2ts-converter.net/download.htm and check the latest version available. If there is a new version available download it, make sure 4U M2TS Converter isn’t running, then install it – into the same folder as that in which your original version was installed. The 4U M2TS Converter installer will attempt to find this folder automatically – you should confirm that it has the correct one before applying the update.